Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Some Auction Stuff

As you know, we occasionally look through the sports auction sites and find some vintage Packers items to share. Above is a selection of Green Bay pennants from the 1950’s-60’s that would be valuable if you had them today in good condition. Unfortunately, so many of us tacked them up in our bedrooms when we were kids and they ended up a bit ragged. 

True Sport Picture Stories – Volume 2 Number 5 came out in February of 1944 and featured Hall of Fame Green Bay Packers wide receiver Don Hutson on the cover and in its pages. 

We come across this button design now and then, but we never see it in the original packaging, as depicted here. This Green Bay Packers Rah! Rahs! official pro sports 3-1/2" win pin was produced in 1968 by Rah! Rahs! Company in Winona, Minnesota. 

While the previous items are no longer available for bids, the programs auction shown above looks like something true Packers history buffs would be interested in.

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