Monday, July 22, 2013

Diary of a Super Bowl Season (1998)

From the book description: “Eugene Robinson was the embodiment of the Green Bay Packers. Not only was he the rock of the defense at free safety, he's a solid man off the field who helped make Packers fans proud of their team. A musician, record producer, computer programmer, and man of the church, Robinson takes readers through a pair of journeys in Eugene Robinson: Diary of a Super Bowl Season. From training camp to the Super Bowl and from undrafted free agent to the Pro Bowl. Robinson's story is about work, dedication, focus and family. As spoken to Kevin Isaacson, author of award-winning Packers book Return to Glory, this story is a season-long lesson on football and recitations on life. Take the journey.”

Robinson had some problems before a later Super Bowl in which he was a player for the Atlanta Falcons. That, however, is another story for a different blog. 

The back cover.

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Diary of a Super Bowl Season
By Eugene Robinson with Kevin Isaacson (1998)
Krause Publications Inc.
238 pages

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