Thursday, July 25, 2013

2013 Shareholders Meeting

The Green Bay Packers’ 2013 Annual Meeting took place on Wednesday, July 24th at Lambeau Field. This is an account of some of the sights from the day. Above, an early morning departure (5:00 a.m.) was designed to get us through Milwaukee before the worst of rush hour. Here we are heading north on I-43 towards the greatest city in the world.

Arriving at 8:45 a.m. brought us this view of the stadium after parking in a nearby neighborhood.

They’re going to need to take the Greg Jennings advertising signs down before Family Night next week. 

A new building on the stadium’s south end, outside all of the new construction. We’re not sure what its function is yet. Perhaps media-related?

Harkening back to the renovation started in 2001, Lambeau Field is a large construction zone, and will be through 2015. 

Work continues on the south/southeast end zone area. 

The Oneida Gate on the stadium’s east side is being re-done, allowing for expansion of the football facilities located “down under,” and a new players’ parking area. 

Shareholders make their way into Lambeau Field. Each “owner” could bring one guest, if desired. 

Above and below, these folks relax in the Atrium before the meeting started at 11:00 a.m.

The crowd and stage just before the meeting started. 

They’ve moved the championships years signage to the scoreboard area on the south end zone Jumbotron. Notice how there is room for three more under “2010.” 

GM Ted Thompson gives the most popular aspect of the day, the “football report.” 

The greatest owners in the NFL. 

The stage of management and executives. 

The last time you’ll see the Lambeau turf with no yard lines. 

After the meeting, Shareholders were welcome to self-tour the stadium, especially the new seating areas of the south end zone. We started up on the roof, where we saw the largest Packers logo that you’ll ever encounter on the back of the Jumbotron.

The view from the highest spot in the town of Green Bay. 

The seats wait patiently for the fans. 

The new construction meshes well with the existing structure. 

Looking east off the roof area, with the Don Hutson Center (the indoor practice facility) in view. 

Looking down on some of the ongoing construction on the south end. 

Some of the new seating from above.

An interesting view of the first eight championship years. 

An up-close view of the Jumbotron. 

The picturesque skyline of metropolitan Green Bay. 

Where else on the internet can you see photos of NFL stadium lighting structures? 

Following are a few images of the “Champions Club” suite area below the scoreboard. Unless this area will be included in the Lambeau Stadium Tours, us “commoners” will never see it again. 

 Owners check out the view from some of the “Champions Club” seating.

One of the “Champions Club” bar areas.

Nice historical touches to this elite area.

The exterior of this suite level.

A look at some of the new outdoor seating.

You won’t see things this empty on game days.

A wider view of the scoreboard area of the south end zone.

All the new outdoor sections have individual chair seats and cup holders.

Another view, from under the roof.

The view of the field from the top row of new seats.

Each row is decorated on the end with a Packers logo. Row 19 is the top row.

The top row of the new sections.

A close-up of the available room for four more Super Bowl victories. After that, we’re sure they’d love to find a way to add more.

The press box (west) side of the stadium.

A lower view of the new sections, showing the roof better. Some fans will be protected from the elements — but aren’t “the elements” part of football? Especially in Green Bay?

Wheelchair seating area and viewing platform.

A shot of the new speakers they installed in the last couple of years that have really improved the sound in the stadium.

Another view of the new structure.

Inside the “Legends” suites area.

Some cool, tasteful touches of Packers history on this level.

More of the “Legends” area.

The view from outside the “Legends” suites, seen from the seats below.

“Legends” lounge area.

“Legends” food service area.

More Greg Jennings signage that needs to be changed. He now wears purple and does not deserve to be in Lambeau anywhere — except in the visitors’ locker room.

We also checked out the “North Loft” area, another viewing area on the opposite end of the stadium.

Above and below, a couple of final Lambeau views from this lofty perch.

That’s it for this report from Green Bay. We are heading back up on Saturday morning for a one-week stay at Packers Training Camp 2013. You will find photos from that week here, hopefully on a regular basis.


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Great post & pics - Thanks for sharing, and allowing us to go along with you!

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