Saturday, May 04, 2013

Packer Legends in Facts (1992)

We bought our first edition of Packer Legends in Facts in 1992, as the Ron Wolf-Mike Holmgren revival of the franchise was about to get underway. The original edition was in commemoration of the team’s 70th anniversary. There have been several updates through the years from author and Packers historical statistician Eric Goska, who — at least through last season — still writes a weekly Packers stats-related column for the Green Bay Press-Gazette. We normally like to show what the inside of each book looks like, but our copy is starting to break apart at the spine already. Basically, for each season, there is a summary of that year’s team, an action photo, team and individual stats, team roster, that year’s draft choices, and the official team photo.

The back cover.

Find later editions of the book here, here, here, and here.

Packer Legends in Facts:
The Green Bay Packers 1921-1991
By Eric Goska
Tech/Data Publications (1992)
398 pages


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