Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Pictorial Drama (1975)

The Green Bay Packers: A Pictorial Drama is a curious concept for a book on a professional football team. From the book flap: “The emphasis is not on creating a definitive historical document, but rather on recreating the moods — in words and photos — of the many dramatic moments that make up Packer lore.” It is written like the script to a play or a film, and frankly, if it weren’t for the photos, we’d probably have passed on obtaining a copy. 

The front and back flaps. 

The photos in the book range from this fine shot of head coach Curly Lambeau roaming the City Stadium sideline in attire that coaches should wear today... 

... to QB Arnie Herber weighing himself in the training room... 

... to current players (at the time of publication) like G Gale Gillingham... 

... and this close-up of RB John Brockington, which a reader correctly identified, showing the effects of battle. 

The back cover. 

Find your copy here.

The Green Bay Packers: A Pictorial Drama
By Richard Rainbolt
Photography by Vernon Biever, Skip Heine, and others
Nodin Press (1975)
160 pages


Anonymous said...

Love, love love the site and the whole series on your fantastic book collection!
I would like to offer one possible correction as I believe the photo of the gentleman tying his shoelaces (which IMO are Adidas cleats and I don't think were worn by the Packers during the Lombardi era) is actually of John Brockington.
If you look closely you can see the 4 on the back of his helmet. In addition it seems to me that I have seen the full version of the photo showing John clearly.

Anonymous said...

The Lombardi era was from
John Brockington played with the
Packers from 1971-1977
His number was 42
That is cleary Mr. Brockington.

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