Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Quarterbacking (1967)

The quarterback gets all the attention, and it was no different in the Sixties. Packers Hall of Famer Bart Starr is featured again today with his 1967 book Quarterbacking. “For the first time,” according to the flap, “a book on the art and science of quarterbacking, and of all football, has been written. This book by Bart Starr is a handbook for aspiring players, a primer for coaches, and, for the fans, the most enjoyable and informative book written about the most important position in football.” We agree.  

The book itself, minus the dust cover, features this fine illustration of Bart. 

The inside front cover and first page. 

 Mr. Starr tells us how to stay in shape by exercising.

Later on, we get detailed about the “X’s” and “O’s” of football. 

The final page and inside back cover. 

The back cover.

There are a few copies available here.

By Bart Starr
Prentice-Hall, 1967
306 Pages


Anonymous said...

I received this book as a gift when I was a 10 year old in 1967. I still have it sitting on my bookshelf today. Love my Packers.

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