Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Online Auction Gems

We like to check some of the online auctions from time to time, and in doing so, we see some cool items for sale. Here’s some we found today at Mears Online Auctions. Above, a publicity shot of LB Dave Robinson. 

DT Henry Jordan sacks Los Angeles Rams’ QB Roman Gabriel. 

A poster advertising the Packers’ upcoming game vs. the Chicago Cardinals in 1929. Green Bay won its first NFL championship that year. 

Who can forget Herb Schneidman? He was a “blocking back” for the Packers from 1935-39, who played one more year with the aforementioned Cardinals. 

This “license plate holder” originates from the 1930’s or 40’s, but was repainted in 1960’s colors. 

TE Ron Kramer advances the ball after a catch against the Minnesota Vikings. 

Two photos of Tony Canadeo (above and below) in a publicity pose and in game action. 

Above and below, two views of a Keith Wortman helmet. An offensive lineman with Green Bay from 1972-75, he also played afterwards with the Cardinals (apparently a theme in this post).

Lastly, another publicity pose, this time featuring backup QB Zeke Bratkowski.


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