Monday, January 28, 2013

How to Pass, Kick, Run, Block (1965)

This nifty little book — How to Pass, Kick, Run, Block — was brought to the youth of America by the North American Phillips Corporation, or more specifically, Norelco®. This great instructional guide provided kids with passing advice from Packers’ QB Bart Starr, kicking advice from Cleveland’s Lou Groza, punting tips by the Lions’ Yale Lary, and general info on other positions. Also included is background info on the NFL, rules of the game, the language of football, popular formations and plays, and the 1965 league schedules. It is a quite interesting read, if you can find a copy. 

Sample pages from the Bart Starr section.  

A synopsis of the Packers… and the Los Angeles Rams. 

Of course, it’s brought to you by the fine folks at Norleco®.

Though this book is out-of-print, you can find a few cheap copies here.

How to Pass, Kick Run, Block
The Game… The Techniques… of Pro Football
North American Phillips Corp., 1965
121 Pages


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