Sunday, January 27, 2013

Football and the Single Man (1965)

Back in the book spotlight again is Packers RB Paul Hornung, who was the subject of another book just two years after the last one. This version, a somewhat hard-to-find book titled Football and the Single Man, was published in 1965. While the previous Hornung book was aimed at the wholesome youth market, this one teases with the angle of his swinging lifestyle and being a ladies’ man. It also deals with his suspension for the entire 1963 season due to his gambling activities.

Both front and back flaps together. 

The back cover. 

As can be seen by the caption to this photo, the book takes a look at Hornung’s swingin’ bachelor lifestyle.

Though this book is out-of-print, you can find copies by searching online, or by going here.

Football and the Single Man
By Paul Hornung, as told to Al Silverman
Double and Company, 1965
252 Pages


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