Saturday, December 29, 2012

An Earlier Vikings Game

While the Green Bay Packers prepare to take on the Minnesota Vikings in a key season-closer for both teams, we’re opening the time capsule to look back on another divisional match — the December 7, 1986 game at Lambeau Field.

Packers LB Brian Noble does a bit of endorsing for Bertrand’s in Green Bay. 

Hall of Fame player (but not Hall of Fame coach) Forrest Gregg was at the helm of the 1986 Packers, who would finish the season with a forgettable 4-12 record.

Coach Gregg’s staff of assistants that he assembled for the ’86 campaign. 

A framable action photo of your starting QB Randy Wright!

A three-page feature on Packers’ S Ken Stills. 

We missed this stylish Packers jacket back in the day. 

A summary of the Packers’ statistics for the 1986 season, and who says the team didn’t have cheerleaders to rival the Dallas Cowboys? 

We still listen to the post-game show on WTMJ 620 AM (Milwaukee), usually via internet for clear reception once the sun goes down. Do you? 

Three pages of head shots of your 1986 Green Bay Packers. 

The full roster of the ’86 Packers, for your reference. 

Above and below, the starting lineups for both teams that December day in Titletown. 

The full roster for the 1986 Minnesota Vikings. 

Don’t forget to set your VHS or Betamax VCR for The Forrest Gregg Show every Monday night. 

An ad for the company who erected the original indoor practice facility. 

Also suitable for framing — the official 1986 Green Bay Packers team portrait. 

Game programs in those days (GameDay magazine, an official PRO! publication) featured many “national” articles, which appeared in all team editions. Each team would then fill in the rest of their own game-specific material. This article on the old All-America Football Conference (AAFC) is historically interesting. 

On this day, 47,637 watched the hapless Packers fall to the eventual 9-7 Vikings by a score of 32-6. The defending NFL champion Chicago Bears won the NFC Central with a 14-2 record.


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