Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Ray Nitschke — Male Model

Spending some time wading through the Packerville, U.S.A. archives warehouse, we came across this Lands’ End catalog from September 1993. On the cover is Ray Nitschke, modeling a colorful sportshirt for the Dodgeville, Wisconsin-based clothing retailer. Sadly, he is not pictured anywhere else in the catalog, and is only referenced on page 2: “Thanks Ray! Yes, our cover model is the inimitable Ray Nitschke. Ex-Green Bay Packer, Hall of Famer, All-Pro middle linebacker whose very scowl made quarterbacks tremble. And, a Wisconsin neighbor of ours. It was a thrill for us to meet him, and take his picture.”And it was Ray’s pleasure to receive the check from Lands” End.


Anonymous said...

Everybody loves Raymond

PinkInklings said...

This is a well presented, researched, eye appealing, blog. (child of english majors)
Awesome dude (familiar w/21st century lexicon)
Go Pack (cheesehead)

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