Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thursday Night at Lambeau Part II

We had a little trouble in uploading images again last night, so this is a bit delayed. In Part I, we visited Lambeau Field in the pre-game time of last Thursday’s exhibition match with the Cleveland Browns. Above, we see the teams warming up prior to the start of the game.

Notice how blue the sky was in the first photo? Well, in the span of about 20 mins., the sky changed to the way you see it here, and it was drizzling. That would continue on and off during the game several times. Oddly, rain was not in the forecast, nor did it show up on the radar. Here we see the fly-over of two F-somethings after the national anthem. Always a cool experience.

The opening kick-off by Mason Crosby. 

The teams meet for the first action. 

The new HD video boards came in handy on the first play, as Cleveland fumbled. The play was under review and, new for this year, the same video the refs are reviewing is available only to the fans at the game. Here we see the ball on the ground at lower right. 

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) going to work after the Packers got the ball. 

Rodgers waiting for the snap in the shotgun. 

WR Donald Driver (#80) comes over to congratulate WR Jordy Nelson on his TD catch. It was to be the Packers’ only touchdown of the night. 

Cleveland rookie QB Brandon Weeden (#3) gets his team going.

Hog pile! 

Weeden throwing against the Packers’ defense. 

Rodgers back in action and directing his receivers at the line of scrimmage. 

WR Randall Cobb (#18) makes a reception and is pursued by four Browns’ defenders. Moments later, the ball was stripped and returned by Cleveland down the sideline. 

Rodgers passing on the other end of the field. 

This is what is going on at the game during a timeout while you’re watching commercials at home. 

Rodgers and head coach Mike McCarthy discuss strategy during the timeout. 

Browns’ RB Montario Hardesty (#20) goes for a run. 

Second-string QB Graham Harrell (#6) hands off to RB Marc Tyler (#26), and a hole is available.

The Green Bay defense gets some work done. 

Tyler runs into the line where there is no gap. 

The Packers’ huddle up close in the north end zone. 

P Tim Masthay gets a kick away deep in the end zone. 

A close-up view of the Browns’ offense. #29 is former Packer RB Brandon Jackson.

Possible future Packer(?) QB Colt McCoy (#12) gets into the game. 

Coach McCarthy strenuously argues against the safety called on QB Graham Harrell for intentional grounding. 

Harrell (#6) gets some advice from the starter, Aaron Rodgers. 

Some good battling going on here. 

Due to the blowout, and the fact that most of this crowd had to drive two hours back to Milwaukee or further (and it’s only the preseason), the crowd filed out earlier than normal. Many seats were empty before the game ended.

The final, ugly score. 

What’s left after the fans depart for home. 

 A last look at the stands emptying after it’s all over.

The crowd making their way out of Lambeau Field. 

Fans milling about in the Lambeau Atrium.

We headed up to Curly’s Pub to catch some of the live Packers Radio Network post-game show. The guest in this photo is RB Alex Green (right). Other guests were radio broadcasters Larry McCarren and Wayne Larrivee. The show went until 1:00 a.m., but we were one of the last to slip out around midnight.

Lambeau Field after 12:00 a.m.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed a visit to Lambeau for a preseason game. Our goal is to give something of the experience to fans who will, for one reason or another, never attend a Packers game, or even get to Green Bay at all. We are both fortunate and thankful.