Monday, August 06, 2012

Sunday Night Practice

Sunday night’s practice began at 7:00 p.m., and the gates opened at 5:30 p.m., but fans were lined up around 4:00 to get a good spot. Here fans wait for two-and-a-half hours until activities begin.

This is the area behind the stands, which has concessions, souvenirs, fan information and such.

Defensive players doing the usual milling around in the shade before practice.

TE Jermichael Finley (#88) arrives at practice following his bike ride and signing a few autographs outside the gate.

The special teams work on some onside kick scenarios before official practice begins.

These were the QB’s for the evening… Graham Harrell (#6), and B.J. Coleman (#9), working here on some ball-handling skills. The following veterans were given the night off: QB Aaron Rodgers, S Charles Woodson, CB Jarrett Bush, LB A.J. Hawk, C Jeff Saturday, DE Ryan Pickett, WR Donald Driver, WR Greg Jennings, and DE Anthony Hargrove. The fans were not pleased, but what are you going to do? It’s too bad for the people for whom last night was their only chance at practice. We’re going to be here for two more, so hopefully Monday night will be full participation.

Some players get assistance in their super-stretching.

QB Graham Harrell ponders his situation as the #1 signal-caller in tonight’s practice.

Above and below, the stretching and warm-up period.

That B.J. Raji is a large fellow.

LB Clay Matthews (#52) gets a leg up on his teammates.

Head coach Mike McCarthy is a lonely figure as he watches his players.

Some offensive goal line work at the South end of the field.

A leisurely break for some linebackers.

More goal-line work.

Defensive secondary personnel gathered together for some drills.

Practice is mostly a lonely affair for the special teams trio — K Mason Crosby (#2), LS Brett Goode (61), and P Tim Masthay (#8).

Third-String rookie QB B.J. Coleman works with some of the linemen. 

From the look on GM Ted Thompson’s face, we’re not sure what coach Mike McCarthy has just told him.

QB B.J. Coleman still at work.

The offensive linemen came over by us to do some of their drill work, and so we got some good close-ups. Here, C Tommie Draheim (#60) and G T.J. Lang (#70) size up the situation.

T Andrew Datko (#77) battles with a teammate.

G Josh Sitton (#71) and G T.J. Lang (#70) take a breather.

The whole group of linemen get some fluids before continuing.

A close-up of linemen.

The most flattering photo of T Bryan Bulaga ever taken.

T Andrew Datko (#77) works on technique as T Herb Taylor (#72) looks on.

Later, in a drill pairing LB’s with TE’s, Jermichael Finley (#88) worked against LB Clay Matthews (#52).

LB Coach Kevin Green is sporting short hair for the first time this season.

CB Sam Shields (#37) and TE Brandon Bostick (#48) get in some spirited blocking.

Later in practice, there was the usual scrimmage situations, here with QB Graham Harrell (#6) working with the #1 offense.

Players watch the scrimmage action against the dusk sky in Green Bay.

Defensive linemen go against offensive linemen. Here, NT Daniel Muir (#77) prepares to battle an unidentified lineman one-on-one.

Some of the more spirited action is in pairing these two groups against each other.

QB Harrell still working with the offense.

FB John Kuhn (#30) and others watch the action.

Practice ends with the team gathered together around Mike McCarthy.

The Ray Nitschke Field facility after a fine evening.

The Training Camp headquarters of the Packerville staff for a long time, within a short walk from the practice facility. See you tomorrow.


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