Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Monday Night Practice

After a hot period of waiting in line and then waiting for practice to begin, once it started, it was a cool, pleasant evening in the shade. Like the evening before, there was some pre-practice special teams work being done.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12), a no-show on Sunday evening, was back at work, arriving doubly-prepared with two helmets.

Offensive players going through the stretching period.

Woodson at the forefront of his defensive group during the stretches.

LB Clay Matthews (#52) seems to be enjoying his time.

Woodson showing some fine moves. Perhaps he is the next “Dancing With the Stars” contestant.

Even if you’re the reigning league MVP, you still have to practice the fundamentals of footwork.

QB Graham Harrell (#6) seems to be enjoying his time with Aaron Rodgers.

The offense working on situations of being backed-up against their own goal line.

In the photos above and below, can you spot the famous QB playing as a LB in this drill?

LB’s and DB’s working on the other end of the field.

The receiving corps take a break.

Here come the offensive linemen again, just like on Sunday night.

G T.J. Lang (#70) taking a stretching breather.

Draft choice T Andrew Datko (#77), free agents T Shea Allard (#69), and G Don Barclay (#67) listen to Coach James Campen.

New veteran C Jeff Saturday (#63), who snapped to Peyton Manning for 13 years, G Evan Dietrich-Smith (#62), and G T.J. Lang (#70) also listen to instructions.

Defensive secondary personnel and receivers gather to work on a tacking sled.

CB Jarrett Bush (#24) shows that maybe players will be taught to tackle by using their arms to wrap up the opponent this year. What a novel idea!

Perhaps we shouldn’t be revealing team secrets here, but the Packers’ clandestine weapon this year will be T Bryan Bulaga in the backfield.

The number one offense and defense prepare to go against one another in the evening sunlight.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) surveys the coverage of his receivers.

On a play filled with trickery, WR Jordy Nelson (#87) makes a reception, and then flings it across the field...

... where it is caught by WR Randall Cobb (#18) who takes it in for a touchdown!

On a “Hail Mary” play, no one is able to come down with the ball.

Back-up QB Graham Harrell (#6) lets one fly during his turn in this scrimmage period.

Here he avoids LB A.J. Hawk (#50) and scoots down the sideline.

Rodgers again at work with his starting offense.

Cobb again!

GM Ted Thompson (foreground) and Head Coach Mike McCarthy (at right) survey their players in action. McCarthy mostly lets the position coaches run practice.

CB Sam Shields (#37) injured his elbow in a collision while defending a pass and was down for several minutes.

Coach McCarthy comes over to see how he’s doing. This and a couple of other injuries led to practice being shortened to only one hour and 45 minutes this evening.

Hopefully, TE Jermichael Finley (#88) will have a good year — with less dropped passes.

One of the better names on the roster — C Sampson Genus (#65). We’ve always liked LB Frank Zombo’s last name as well. And then there’s WR “Shaky” Smithson…

This is a drill where the blocker had to keep his hands below a rope being held at about waist level. C Jeff Saturday (#63) works against G Evan Dietrich-Smith (#62).

FB John Kuuuuuuuuhhhhhnnn (#30).

Here is how opposing defenses see QB Aaron Rodgers (#12).

S Charles Woodson (#21) all suited-up after beginning the evening out of pads.

Woodson makes a stop on RB Alex Green (#20).

WR Donald Driver (#80) and TE Jermichael Finley (#88) watch from the near sideline.

Driver after making a difficult catch.

The first fight we’ve seen this year breaks out after a play. The pushing and shoving between two winds up involving several. We aren’t naming names.

The all-seeing camera in the upper window captures all, making for some uncomfortable moments in team viewing sessions later.

The old veteran, the medium veteran, and the youngster.

As we mentioned, practice ended early because of injuries, according to McCarthy afterwards. The team meeting at mid-field signals the end. Tuesday’s practice is at 3:30 p.m.

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