Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Let’s Get in the Mood!

If this set of NFL team marching songs does not get your toes a-tappin’ and have you itching for the season-opening kickoff, then nothing will! And it all can be yours by visiting this link to the WFMU (a New York radio station) blog right here. Download them all or just the Packers’ fight song. Even if you have to sit through the Bears’ famous ditty, the whole thing is quite entertaining. Here’s the description: “From 1960, the National Football League Marching Band plays the fight songs of the 13 teams that made up the league before the merger. Television conductor and composer Bernie Green handled the conducting chores for this, which was recorded in an impressive two days. But music isn't the only treat here. Each fight song is introduced by a player for the team, so you'll hear "Dandy" Don Meredith for the Cowboys, Johnny Unitas for the Baltimore Colts, and Bart Starr for the Green Bay Packers.”

And now on to today’s video clips: From NFL AM: Green Bay's rushing attack is discussed. 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell visited Packers training camp on Wednesday.

Head Coach Mike McCarthy on Wednesday's blitz emphasis in practice. 

CB Casey Hayward can make plays

LB Desmond Bishop: The defense going in the right direction

The Larry McCarren Report: Defense wins the day. 

Mike McCarthy talks about the 2012 season on Jim Rome’s show. 

• Pass rush dominates Wednesday practice
• DT B.J. Raji admits he was too focused on stats
• Training Camp at a Glance – Day 6
• A House renovation project
• WR Greg Jennings returns to practice
• Margaret Meyers leaves with memories
• Goodell speaks on Johnny Jolly
• Goodell on suspensions, Green Bay visit
• Goodell comfortable with replacement referees
• A close look at an NFL player’s contract


Anonymous said...

In the '60s and early '70s, CBS used a marching band-like composition called "Confidence" (taken from Leon Carr's score from the 1964 off-Broadway musical The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)[1] as their theme.

I have serched for the CBS version for years....and have not found it.

The Broadway version can be heard here (the song track is number 8) :

If any one knows were to hear the CBS version, please let us know.

Anonymous said...

CBS used a marching band-like composition called "Confidence"

Urbandale (Iowa) High School Fight Song "Confidence"

Leon Carr (June 10, 1910 – March 27, 1976) was a prolific American songwriter, composer, arranger, pianist and conductor, best known for his marketing jingles used in advertisements for Mounds candy ("Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut..."), Chevrolet ("See The U.S.A. In Your Chevrolet"), and the "Bert the Turtle" theme song for the nuclear public education awareness film, Duck and Cover.

Mike Rizzio said...

I guess I too am on a search for that original CBS theme. I've found it in two highlight YouTubes [very poor quality with the voice-overs from announcers) but I'd like a clean version. As a 53 year old NY GIANT fan from 1966 onward, it is embedded in my mind (OK I'm hooked). In those days when CBS broadcast the NFL exclusively, life was simpler, and Sunday football after church was special. Can't explain it except that it is an excellent motivational song that captures the best of the sixties and maybe America too. I’m in the midst of assembling an NFL Films montage that includes: Let's Go Big "O"; March To The Trenches; Over the Hill Gang; Up She Rises; Classic Battle; Big Game America; Big Game America; The Final Quest.
Confidence will be the intro (when I find the definitive version)

Sorry for last year's playoff, you all were off...

James Stewart said...

I just love the band shows. be it of any, celebrity or amateur.
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