Friday, August 24, 2012

Finally… A Victory

Well, well, well… the team was able to stop the preseason skid and pick up a road win in Cincinnati Thursday night. These games are meaningless (unless you’re one of the guys fighting for an NFL job), but you don’t want to go into the regular season after losing four straight games, either. QB Aaron Rodgers (above) was in good form tonight, even scoring two rushing TD’s himself.

Maybe it’s just us, but do we really want to see him running for 52 yards a game? 

RB Cedric Benson (#32) made his Green Bay debut against his former team, and got 38 yards on 6 attempts. 

The defense played well overall, and got on the board with an INT in the fourth quarter. 

Good to see WR Greg Jennings (#85) back in action, with 2 catches for 37 yards. 

One more game, and we start counting these things for real. 

K Mason Crosby was fairly busy with three PAT’s and two field goals of 46 and 36 yards.

The Packers tweeted a few shots before the game. Here, Rodgers and FB John Kuhn (#30) come out for pre-game warm-ups. 

WR Diondre Borel (#19) practices receiving kickoffs. 

A pre-game team huddle. 

Six minutes before the game was to start… plenty of seats available in Paul Brown Stadium.
Photos courtesy of the Green Bay Packers

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