Saturday, August 04, 2012

Family Night at Lambeau

As stated in our last post, we did not attend the Packers’ “Family Night” scrimmage on Friday evening at Lambeau Field. An associate of ours did, and sent along this photo of the festivities as seen from the new North end zone deck. Is Green Bay a great place, or what?

The defense hits the field... 

... followed by the offense. 

Hopefully, QB Graham Harrell is aware of LB A.J. Hawk rapidly approaching. 

The offense does the “Lambeau Leap” after a Greg Jennings touchdown. 

A great group of offensive talent. 

The exclusive members of the current Green Bay Packers’ Quarterback Club. 

Above and below, action from the scrimmage. 

Photos courtesy of 

Some video of Aaron Rodgers after the scrimmage was over. 

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Festive atmosphere highlights scrimmage
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Rodgers sharp, refs booed in Packers scrimmage

NOTE: We are heading to Green Bay on Saturday morning, and will have coverage of three Packers practices through Tuesday. Stay tuned...


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