Monday, August 27, 2012

Bart and Cal and More...

We’re back after taking a day off when there wasn’t much going on, and we’ll do so from time to time to lessen the likelihood of burnout through the season. Focusing on a few historical things (which is why this blog exists in the first place), we start with a later-Sixties image of Packers’ QB Bart Starr (#15) preparing for a hand-off against the Chicago Bears at home.

Also, continuing with the Packers of the Past (1965) booklet, today we have an article on Cal Hubbard, who is not only in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he’s in the Baseball Hall of Fame too.


Mike McCarthy: Thursday important for evaluations

• The Larry McCarren Report: Setting a mean edge

• Packers Team Report
• Packers-Chiefs Preseason Week 4 Dope Sheet
• Sunday practices notes
• Thompson Q&A: 'We're going to try to be better'
• House: No surgery if shoulder 'doesn't pop out'
• What to make of Starks' tumble down depth chart?
• Finley vows to be ready despite preseason
• Did the Packers find missing piece?
• Rodgers ready in Sunday practice
• No rest for weary Finley
• Green Bay's army of clones
Peter King: Monday Morning QB

Packers uniforms rank #6 out of 122 pro sports teams


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