Wednesday, August 08, 2012

A Few Souvenirs

We have returned from Green Bay, but not for long, as we’ll head back up in a week to attend the Packers-Browns preseason game. Here are a few of the things we brought back with us for the Packerville, U.S.A. archives. First is the official 2012 Green Bay Packers Yearbook, seen above with Aaron Rodgers on the cover. If you’d like a copy you can get it here.

Second is the new book, The Rise of the Packer Dynasty — Lombardi and His Men of Destiny, by David Zimmerman. According to the publisher: “Vince Lombardi would take over a broken, undisciplined Packer team in 1959 and turn it into an immediate winner. Between 1960 and 1967, Lombardi’s Packers would win nearly 80 percent of their games, including playoffs. A record of unequaled NFL success in any eight-year period of time. No other NFL team has come close to this unbelievable success during a comparable time frame. Lombardi and the men who played in those glorious years, build a dynasty, the best in the history of the NFL. This book describes the beginning of that amazing period. Starting with the first season in 1959, through 1961, when the Packers would once again become world champions, The Rise of the Packer Dynasty takes the reader back in time to experience some of this legendary magic.” It can be found hereThis book is not to be confused with the classic Phil Bengston book with the same name.

The third item of interest is the 2012 Packers set of Score® football cards. Other than at the Packers Pro Shop, we’re not sure where they can be found.

Now onto some video. Here are some final thoughts on the preseason opener in San Diego. 

Donald Driver's advice to rookies: Just relax

The McCarren Report: Matinee Action 

• Packers-Chargers game preview
• Five bullet points for preseason opener
Nelson 'dominating' Packers camp, report says
• Jeff Saturday adjusting well to new home
• Harrell gets shot as Packers’ back-up
Jeff Saturday: 'I'm getting long in the tooth'
• Training Camp Report #11: Tuesday, Aug. 7


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