Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tickets and More...

While we were in Green Bay for the Shareholders’ meeting the other day, we forgot to mention that our Gold Package season tickets arrived the same day. The day that the tickets make their appearance is always a welcome event in the life of a fortunate Packer fan. While we remain on the waiting list for the Green Package (the rest of the games), we watch the construction of 7,000 new seats and eye our place on the list (#2,570) with hopeful curiosity.

We’ve had a day that has kept us from the world of football and the internet, and it’s very late, so we don’t have a lot of news links tonight. Above, Mike McCarthy reacts to first padded practice

QB Graham Harrell on his opportunity as Rodgers' backup

Around the locker room: Saturday sound bites 

• Training Camp Report #3: Saturday, July 28
• Matthews vows defense will improve
• Rookies flash in pass-rush drill
• Packers add 2.5-second pass clock to their practices
• Green impresses in comeback from injury
• Packers still class of NFC North
• Packers have many ways to fix their defense


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