Monday, July 30, 2012

No Practice? Back to 1961...

The first Sunday of Training Camp 2012 also meant no practice. The new CBA provides us less practices overall and less practices in full pads. So, with not much going on in Green Bay today, we wanted to share an issue of Newsweek for your nostalgic enjoyment. The October 30, 1961 issue features an illustration of the Packers’ Paul Hornung evading a Baltimore Colts defender. We now bring you this full article from the Lombardi era:

 Can we interest anyone in a new Dodge Dart?

Or, for our more affluent readers, perhaps you’d prefer a Lincoln Continental. 

And who says technology wasn’t top notch in those days? Imagine... push-button, multi-line telephones for business! 

• Players to watch during Family Night
• Nelson still working on special teams
• Packers believe passing game has yet to peak
• Cobb working hard to fit in with Packers


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