Monday, July 23, 2012

Greetings from Green Bay!

It was a beautiful Wisconsin evening for the 3-1/2 hour drive to Green Bay, and other than what seems lately to always be rotten traffic in Milwaukee, we made it up here by 7:00 p.m. We saw cars with obvious Packer fans heading North with license plates from places like Arizona, Kansas, and Virginia.

Not many people hanging around Lambeau at that time, as the Pro Shop had just closed and there wasn’t anything open except Curly’s Pub. Instead of eating there as planned, we wanted to check out the new construction in the South end zone before it got dark. 

Before we show that, here’s the North end with the recently-completed new gate. 

You can see the new entrance better here... 

... and here are two close-ups (above and below)

This shows the new entrance and its proximity to the Atrium entrance (seen at left)

Now we’re on the West side of the stadium, where the new construction meets the “old.” 

Looking at the Southwest corner (above and below)

A look at the existing West side of Lambeau in the gorgeous sunlight. 

Views of the South end (above and below), where the 6,700 new seats are being added. 

 Looking directly at the South end with the new HD scoreboard on top.

A view of the Southeast corner. 

We call this one “Sunset at Lambeau.” 

(Above and below), an empty Lambeau Field Atrium awaits the throngs of new Shareholders for tomorrow’s meeting. 

We will have a report from the meeting on Tuesday evening, after our late arrival home from Green Bay.


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