Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1991 Training Camp Visit

Today we embark on a short visit back to Packers’ Training Camp 1991. Above, we see the “Fan Photo Day” in progress on the Oneida Street practice field, in front of the old indoor practice facility known as “The Barn.” This building was replaced by the Don Hutson Center in 1994. The photo day was stopped after the first year or two of the Holmgren era, because once they had some success, the crowds became huge. As you can see, before then the crowds were pretty sparse indeed.

QB Mike Tomczak signs autographs for fans during photo day activities. You could just walk up to any player and get their autograph or pose with them for a photo.

But the real crowd was around QB Don Majkowski, as you can see by this obscured shot. We couldn’t get close enough for an autograph before the session ended. We’ve never been too big on autographs anyway, as a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Head Coach Lindy Infante greets fans prior to what would be his last year in Green Bay. It was at the end of this ’91 season that Bob Harlan hired Ron Wolf as general manager, and he did not like the mediocre talent and losing atmosphere. It was time for a change. Regardless, Coach Infante was a nice guy if you had the chance to meet him.

After the photo day was over, there was a practice in the afternoon. These several photos were taken at the East end of the old administration building, where you could stand and have the players walk out right by you. Those were the days of low crowds and limited (non-existent) security. Here we see WR Sterling Sharpe heading out for practice.

 LB Brian Noble heads out with a Packers coach.

WR’s Jeff Query (#85) and Clarence Weathers (#87) come out, with Weathers getting a bike to ride from a local kid. Still one of the greatest traditions in sports. 

G Ron Hallstrom casts a long shadow as he sets off on foot to the practice field. 

 Players go through some stretching and warm-up exercises before practice.

QBs Anthony Dilweg (#8), whose grandfather played for the Packers, and Don Majkowski (#7) run wind sprints before practice. 

The offense works on passing routes. 

The linebackers go through their drills. 

Practice goes on in front of The Barn. 

The QB’s and RB’s work together. That’s it for today’s 1991 practice — we hope you’ve enjoyed a look back to the end of the Infante Era.


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