Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Previews are Coming

It’s not even July 1st yet, but we’re already starting to accumulate the 2012 NFL Preview publications. These two were picked up tonight, and depending on where you live, the covers might be different in your area. We will wait to purchase some of the publications until we’re in Green Bay at the end of July so that we can be assured of having Aaron Rodgers or other Packers on the cover. This USA Today preview (above) has the following predictions for the upcoming season:
NFC North Champions: Green Bay
Other NFC Division Winners: Philadelphia, Atlanta, and San Francisco
NFC Wild Cards: Chicago and Detroit
NFC Champions: San Francisco
Super Bowl Champion: New England

Because of our Midwest location, Pro Football Weekly’s preview cover features players from three of the four NFC North teams. As in the days of Brett Favre, we hope to see Aaron Rodgers on the cover of each preview we pick up this year. Here are the predictions of PFW:
NFC North Champions: Green Bay
Other NFC Division Winners: Philadelphia, New Orleans, and San Francisco
NFC Wild Cards: Chicago and New York
NFC Champions: San Francisco
Super Bowl Champion: San Francisco


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