Friday, June 15, 2012

Packers/Bears 1977 – Part 1

We’re going to bring you a 1977 Green Bay vs. Chicago game in three parts that we found recently. More specifically, it’s from October 30, 1977 and it turned out to be a Halloween horror show for the Packers, but it’s interesting to watch from a historical perspective. It’s always notable to see just how much the television broadcasts themselves have changed. Despite the outcome, we hope you enjoy seeing the Packers of a recent yesteryear.

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MikeJ said...

Also interesting to see how uniforms have changed. The basic designs are not radically different for these two teams, but how players wear them has changed. For example, sleeves on today's jerseys are much shorter or even non-existent for some positions. Also, players seem to prefer a tighter fit to prevent opponents from yanking on the jersey.