Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Rare Look for Bart

Here’s a odd look for legendary Packers’ QB Bart Starr back in the Sixties. Obviously a promotional or advertising photo, it is curious not only for the lack of a face mask, but also for the odd-styled “G” logo on the side of the helmet. This image came to our attention via a link over at the Uniwatch site. In another case of cross-linking, Uniwatch linked a site that presented our post of the 1936 Packers/Cardinals game program a little while ago. We all try to help each other out here in the land of things that few people care about, you know.


Anonymous said...

I believe the photo in question is from the 1964 MacGregor catalog. Starr was a 'consultant' for the company (as you can see he is wearing a Mac helmet too in the advert) and was probably just used as prop for the photo as Mac offered various actual team decals or hybrid styles of those decals like this one which seems like a (somewhat blasphemous) Bears and Packers mixture.

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