Friday, February 24, 2012

Football is Back in Session

Everyone who is anyone, and those hoping to someday be “someone” are at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis (again) this week and weekend for the annual NFL Combine. For the unaware, this is where the league invites prospective college draftees to work out in the presence of coaches, general managers, and scouting personnel from all 32 teams. In other words, it is an event where they all perform in the same conditions, and at the same time so that all baseline judgements and data analysis is equal for everyone.

Here is Packers’ GM Ted Thompson at the media podium on Friday, making his usual entertaining non-specific statements and no revelations of any kind. Then again, why would he or any GM at this point in the year show their hand on anything?

Coach Mike McCarthy also takes his turn in front of the media on Friday for a formal press conference.

He also took a turn with Sirius XM satellite radio for a private interview. If anything else of note takes place that’s worth sharing, we’ll let you know.


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