Friday, November 25, 2011


Game Story: Green Bay Press-Gazette
Game Story: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Game Story: The Detroit News
Game Story: The Detroit Free Press
Game Story: Associated Press
Game Story:
Game Story: ESPN-Milwaukee
• Official Statistics
• Official Box Score
• Official Play-By-Play Summary
• Scoring Summary
• Photo Galleries: Here, here, here, and here
• Packers Replay
• Game Notes
• Packers Notebook
• Packers Notes
• Packers Insider
Instant Analysis: Packers vs. Lions
• Packers motivated by others' doubts
Tramon Williams holds Johnson in check
• Williams proves he's up to challenge
• Packers reserves came to play
Little-used backups deliver for Packers
Division title at Packers' fingertips
• Packers keep poise against Suh
• Suh's conduct proves costly
• Suh gets plenty of TV commentary
• Packers on Suh: “His explanation is crap
• Lee ejected after scuffle on punt
• Promoted Saine hopes to impress
• Packers turn Lions' roar into a meow
• Lions melt under the spotlight
• Packers bemused by Suh's ejection
• Lions Notebook
• Lions are their own worst enemy
• Lions Notes
• Packers’ post-game quotes

N.F.L. Network game highlights can be seen here.

Aaron Rodgers talks to the media after the game, here.

Rodgers’ game highlights can be seen here.

Coach Mike McCarthy talks to the media here.

Charles Woodson’s post-game comments are here.

Tramon Williams’ post-game comments are here.

Ryan Pickett’s post-game comments are here.

Evan Dietrich-Smith’s post-game comments are here.

Bryan Bulaga’s post-game comments are here.


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