Friday, November 11, 2011


• Perfectly quiet for Packers on national level
• Packers' offensive line blocks out pressure
• Packers Notes
• Rodgers’ supporting cast drives Pack's success
RodgersWatch: Accuracy + decisions
• Packers top merchandise sales; Rodgers top jersey
• Raji doesn't question decision to flip positions
• Packers Notebook
• The Packers’ quirky upcoming schedule
• “Our goal is to squelch an undefeated season
• Can Mike Neal save the day?
• State sees first snowfall of season
• Rodgers among top NFL running QBs
• Quarless speaks on Penn State
• Vikes’ Ponder: Monday will be 'electrifying'
• Frazier, Vikings prepare for round two
LeRoy Butler closes his car dealership
• Packers photo exhibit tour goes to library

Mike McCarthy’s Thursday press conference can be seen here.

QB Aaron Rodgers talks about the upcoming Vikings game here.

A short video about the enhanced Lambeau Field security screenings can be seen here.


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