Monday, November 07, 2011

A Heart-Stopper in San Diego

O.K., let’s see a show of hands… who thought the Packers were on the verge of blowing a game they had seemingly put out of reach at one point? Pretty much everyone? Whew. That was way too close at the end, but it certainly was exciting! Too exciting. Why couldn’t they put the Chargers away? Because the defense has a lot of work to do this week, that’s why. But again, Aaron Rodgers played at an elite level, and it is fun to watch him at work.

These guys still had a very productive day, even though the defense put up 14 points early to take some of the pressure off the offense.

Take a look at his stats so far this season. You will be amazed.

The man of the day was S Charlie Peprah, with his early game INT and TD, and the game-sealing INT at the end. A great rejoice was heard in Packerville, U.S.A.

If the defense could’ve done more of this, they could’ve slowed down the Chargers in the fourth quarter.

And now on to the video. The game highlights from the N.F.L. can be seen here.

Coach Mike McCarthy’s post-game press conference can be seen here.

QB Aaron Rodgers’ post-game press conference is here.

Rodgers’ game highlights can be seen here.

A.J. Hawk’s post-game video can be seen here.

Charles Woodson’s post-game video is here.

Charlie Peprah’s post-game video is here.

Clay Matthews’ post-game video is here.

Tramon Williams’ post-game video is here.

The Packers Tweeted this photo of the stadium all emptied out while they were packing up for the flight back to Green Bay, which left about 9:30 CDT.