Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Back to the Modern Era

The Packers are back from the far-flung reaches of the United States where they enjoyed a week off in the middle of the season. The bye week is good for the players, but rotten for the fans. On Monday, they posed for their official 2011 team photo inside Lambeau Field (above). We’re going to take a break from our feature on “The Grandstand Franchise” and get back in the swing of things here at the old blog.

A video about Monday’s team photo shoot can be viewed here.

Coach Mike McCarthy’s Monday post-bye press conference can be seen here.

An N.F.L. feature on who is the best QB, Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady, can be seen here.

Some sound bites from around the locker room can be viewed here.

On Monday, we checked the Lambeau Cam and saw that the heating grid has been functional again to help the grass grow as winter approches.


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