Saturday, May 21, 2011

Packerville Archive Photos — I

Since we had some time today, we pulled out some old photos from the Packerville Archives, and will be sharing some of them in the coming weeks. The first several are from 1991, the year before Ron Wolf and Mike Holmgren took ever the team’s reigns and turned the whole thing around. The rest are from 1993. The sign above was on each end of the Packers’ previous indoor practice field along Oneida Street, the building known as “The Barn.”

The signs are still the same in 2011 for many streets around Lambeau Field.

Looking West towards the stadium from the parking lot along Oneida Street. This is the original, pre-renovation Lambeau Field. Until the luxury boxes were added in the late Eighties, the bowl of the stadium still looked like it did in the Lombardi Era.

The West side of Lambeau, showing the metal siding that was the exterior for many years.

On the East side of the stadium, it was labeled “Green Bay Packers,” the last word of which can be seen here.

Still the same situation today.

On the North end of the stadium, the backside of the scoreboard would show that season’s schedule.

The original stadium plaque. We’re not sure of its whereabouts today.

The team’s administration offices were in this building attached to the North end of the stadium, which went through many generations of expansion from the original structure built in 1963. The Packer Pro Shop started as a tiny little alcove off the main lobby, then expanded into the area where the glass windows fill the space between the pillars under the green roof. This was all destroyed during the 2001-2003 renovation.

The great lighted Packer helmet logo that adorned the West side of the administration building that faced Lombardi Avenue.

These were the main doors to the Packers’ offices until the renovation. Ordinary folks used to be able to walk in and see some of the team’s trophies, including the (then) two Super Bowl trophies. We used to hang around and see who we could bump into in the parking lot. Stay tuned for more photos from the thousands in our collection.


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