Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lookin’ Back at County Stadium

Set the wayback machine to the mid-1990’s because that’s where we’re going today to visit Milwaukee County Stadium — formerly the “home away from home” for the Green Bay Packers. We start out with a couple of views of the field and stadium from our season ticket seats in the lower boxes of what was the baseball field’s “right field corner.”

This is a view of the “outfield” scoreboard during the final game against the Falcons on December 18, 1994. Also seen is the giant beer barrel and hut where “Bernie Brewer” would slide down after a Brewers’ home run.

A more “field level” view on a warm early Fall day during pre-game warm-ups.

This was the Packers’ Ticket Office on the stadium exterior.

A view of the end zone that was down on our end of the field.

Now here are a couple of views from the parking lot behind the baseball outfield side of the stadium.

This is the tunnel that we walked many times to our seats in Section 29.

Above and below are two panoramic views of the stadium exterior and interior.

Lastly, when they played in Milwaukee, the Packers stayed at the Pfister Hotel, a grand, elegant older hotel that is right downtown. We stayed there once in 1993 before a game, and were able to chat with former player and broadcaster Max McGee while buying a paper on Sunday morning. Plus, if you went to the lobby on game morning, you could watch every player and coach as they milled about and made their way to the team buses for the ride to County Stadium. Fond memories, indeed.


Charlie said...

the picture of the scoreboard at country stadium was taken right before the great favre touchdown run

Mr. Lambeau said...

Yes sir... and I was there!

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