Monday, May 02, 2011

A Good Draft, By Most Accounts

Here are the rest of your new 2011 Green Bay Packers following this weekend’s draft, with a statement describing them from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s coverage:

Randall CobbWRKentucky
NFC scout: "Very good player. Kind of a slot only. If you had a couple of established receivers and needed a slot, that's kind of what he is. He's also a return man. He played quarterback in high school and they won a couple state championships. He was very productive in the SEC. Not special speed, but a kid that can make some plays. Played in the "wildcat" some. He's run, he's passed and he's caught. I didn't think he was as good as but he's got a little Hines Ward in him because of the background. He's like the equivalent of a good nickel corner that would go in the third round, but I understand people might have him at the end of the second."

Alex GreenRBHawaii
NFC scout: "Down the line. He's got some talent. In fact, Green Bay was all over him (at pro day). Ted (Thompson) was there. He's a big, tall, one-cutter, kind of like the guys the Packers like. He caught it pretty good. He's probably a fourth-rounder but could slide into the third, I guess."

Davon HouseCBNew Mexico State
Mark Dominik, Tampa Bay: "He runs good. He runs 4.4s. He's athletic. He's got length. He's got some mirror-ability. You're looking at the glass half full with him. Even though he's coming from a smaller school you think he will translate with his skill set to the next level."

D.J. WilliamsTEArkansas
NFC scout: "I really like him. He's more of a fourth-round pick but, man, I'll tell you, every time I saw him I was impressed. Games, Senior Bowl, combine. All he does is catch the ball."

Caleb SchlauderaffOLUtah
AFC scout: "I like him a lot. Fourth round. He can be in a power offense or be a zone guy. He's not a refined guy yet. Our coaches really like him."

D.J. SmithOLBAppalachian State
"With my range and ability I feel I can plug gaps and I can cover receivers," Smith said. "I'll do anything they want."

Ricky ElmoreDEArizona
AFC scout: "He could be a 4-3 outside linebacker."

Ryan TaylorTE/FBNorth Carolina
AFC scout: "Really a special-teams guy. He was a tight end his last year but he also played 'backer. He's a really good athlete. I'm sure teams will try him at linebacker."

Lawrence Guy • DT • Arizona State
NFC scout: "He's leaving ASU because he says the coaches can't teach him anymore. He's got a little bit of B.S. with him. He's a tough guy. He wants to be active. He needs to learn how to play with better leverage and with better hands. He runs to the ball with effort. He still has developing to go, but he's not a throwaway. Mid-rounds."


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