Monday, April 04, 2011

More From Green Bay

Now for a little pictorial essay on our trip to Green Bay on Saturday. Above is a flag hanging in the Pro Shop. We may have to add it to our flag rotation outside Packerville, U.S.A. headquarters this Fall.

There were a lot of people hanging out, shopping, eating, etc, all day on Saturday. An encouraging sight, seeing as how the baseball season opened a couple of days earlier. Football isn’t usually on everyone’s minds this time of year.

We hope the current lockout situation doesn’t mean the fans are locked out of these stadium gates come September.

The Lambeau Field concourse sits quiet and empty this time of year.

Looking out the Lambeau Atrium wall of windows to the nice sunny day outside.

No activity was seen in the Packers’ corporate offices on the third and fourth floors.

“Welcome to Lambeau Field.” There aren’t many other words in the English language that go together so well. One other would be “Super Bowl XLV Champions.”

Full tours were taking place all day at Lambeau.

Just another view of the Atrium in April.

A couple of the houses facing Lambeau Field across Lombardi Avenue have their messages for all to see.

The Training Camp practice facility — Ray Nitschke Field — will hopefully be used this year. It looks pretty lonely right now.

A view of Lambeau from the West, along Ridge Road.

Now, what’s going on here? Why are we looking at this view? Well, take a look at the tiny grandstand set up outside the South end of the stadium.

From the Green Bay Press-Gazette recently: “The Packers will go forward with their plans to expand the Lambeau Field bowl seating area, although it wouldn’t likely be ready until the 2013 season at the earliest. This winter, the team built a small set of experimental bleachers outside the stadium. They were equipped with a heating device that would melt snow. Because of the way the new seats would be configured in the South end zone, shoveling them out after a snow storm would be difficult. “We wanted to test whether it could take on a snowstorm, and it worked really well,” said Packers vice president of administration Jason Wied. Wied said the team is committed to expanding the stadium with outdoor seats and not club or luxury seating. “I think ideally we would begin working on them in the next two to three years,” Wied said. “They would be ready for fans in three or four years.”

This is extremely good news to those of us who are low on the full season ticket package waiting list. We are at #2,654 out of 87,000+.

A look at some of the drainage system for the removal of snow.

Presumably some of the heating system to melt the snow.

No visuals have been released, but here is our approximation of where the new seats will be. Good news... very good news, indeed!


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