Sunday, April 03, 2011

Helping Titletown’s Economy

On Saturday, we headed up to Green Bay for a bit of a Super Bowl XLV shopping trip for the archives. One would think that on the weekend of major league baseball’s opening season, with an N.F.L. lockout happening, and it generally being Spring and time to get out and work in the yard, etc., that Lambeau Field would be a ghost town. Not so, we’re happy to report! The Packers Pro Shop was very busy, and there were continuous groups taking stadium tours. Most of the time, there were at least 300 people milling about in the Lambeau Atrium and Pro Shop. Above is our haul of loot from the day, after visiting the Pro Shop and a couple of other Packers’ memorabilia shops. We were happy to find two large photos of Aaron Rodgers from after the XLV game, a few more commemorative magazines, two Super Bowl-related DVD’s, a great new Aaron Rodgers book, the game programs from the Philadelphia and Chicago playoff games, a commemorative football, a great four Super Bowl titles hat, and a couple of other items. All in all, a very enjoyable day spent in Titletown. Tomorrow, we’ll feature photos of something else we found — one that could have momentous impact on those of us who are low on the “Green Package” season tickets waiting list.


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