Tuesday, February 01, 2011

XLV on the Newsstand

On this Tuesday of Super Bowl Week, we are going to share some of the publications we’ve found on the newsstands here in the Midwest. First up, above is the official Super Bowl XLV game program, just as one would buy outside Cowboys Stadium on Sunday.

Just as in the Packers’ first return to the Super Bowl back in January 1997, there are a host of special publications that have been produced to commemorate the occasion. The “Collectors Special“ above is one example.

Lindy’s, who also provide preseason N.F.L. previews each year, have produced this commemorative issue.

This is USA Today’s special magazine to preview Super Bowl XLV.

Pro Football Weekly has this week’s issue out as a preview of the Big Game.

USA Today’s Sports Weekly also has Aaron Rodgers on the cover in the “Super Showdown” issue. We’re keeping our eyes open for other things, and will share them if we find more.


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