Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Trophy Comes Home

We got home late last evening and started to post images from the Lambeau celebration — The Return to Titletown — and got too tired to finish. So, with a refreshed mind and thawed fingers, here’s our report from the event. It was cold, but not as cold as the January 2008 NFC title game that we attended. Upon arriving at the stadium, the atmosphere was like a game day, with tail-gating and groups of fans breaking out in cheers and shouts of “Go Pack Go!” at random. Above, the view of Lambeau as we approached from our normal game day area of parking (hint: get there early and you can still park on the street for free!).

Cars lined up to enter the Lambeau Field parking lot from Lombardi Avenue.

It’s only two days after the Super Bowl XLV game and a custom-made flag is flying above Lambeau Field!

Fans arrive on the west side of the stadium, bundled up against the Green Bay cold.

An early look inside Lambeau, before the crowd started to fill it up, It was a sold-out event — over 56,000 braved single-digit temperatures to welcome their team and the Lombardi Trophy home.

We, along with many fans, huddled out of the wind in the main level concourse before heading to our seats in Section 110, Row 58.

Fans enter through the Verizon Wireless gate, which is on the Ridge Road side of Lambeau. Upon entering, all were given free “Return to Titletown — World Champions” flags.

Above and below, some photos of the crowd filling the stadium bowl.

Packers’ president Mark Murphy greets the gathering from the stage at mid-field.

Green Bay’s mayor James J. Schmitt addresses the crowd and holds up a “McCarthy’s Way” street sign. An as-yet-unnamed Green Bay street will be re-named soon.

Another view of the stage from our vantage point.

The media awaits the emergence of the 2010 NFL champions.

Super Bowl XLV M.V.P. Aaron Rodgers makes his way around the field’s edge, greeting fans.

Head Coach Mike McCarthy greets the fans after coming out of the tunnel with the Lombardi Trophy.

Lucky fans in the front row get to touch the trophy — what a bonus!

Vince’s trophy is home where it belongs. May it reside here many times in the coming years.

Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson join event emcees Wayne Larrivee and Larry McCarren on stage. For those who may not know, Larrivee and McCarren are the voices of the Green Bay Packers radio network.

Packers’ General Manager Ted Thompson talks to the crowd. Perhaps most have come around to agreeing that his choices — as unpopular as they may be — have all been for the long-term betterment of the organization. As Donald Driver said, “You know what?... we’re Super Bowl champions, baby!”

Mike McCarthy is interviewed by Larrivee.

We could live to be 150, and we’d never get tired of seeing these words.

Veteran CB Charles Woodson is interviewed.

LB Clay Matthews gets to share his thoughts on the championship.

Nick Collins greets the fans.

Overall view of the event.

WR Donald Driver got the longest sustained ovation of anybody. Everyone is happy that this popular veteran finally got his ring.

John Kuhn, of course, received several chants of “KUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHNN!”

Finally, QB Aaron Rodgers was presented last (to chants of “MVP! MVP! MVP!”), and he took the microphone and talked to the crowd for several minutes. There was much laughter and cheering.

According to Rodgers, “we’ll be back here a year from today celebrating another Super Bowl victory!” (CHEERS!)

After the on-field presentation was over, the entire team circled the edge of the field to say “thanks” to the fans.

As this was going on, fireworks were shot off of the Lambeau Field skyboxes.

You’re quite welcome. Let’s do this again next year!

Fans make their way down the ramp on their way out of Lambeau.

A picturesque Green Bay sunset ends the 2010 season.

Heading back to their cars to thaw out.

A final look back at Lambeau before heading to the car. So long, old gal... we’ll see you again soon.


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