Friday, February 25, 2011

Miscellaneous Friday

Until we decide what our off-season schedule will be here in Packerville, U.S.A., we’ll keep updating the blog here with Packers news and history. Here’s a list of the “Top Ten Packers” of all time, as compiled by the N.F.L. Network. See how this list might compare with your own...

If you’d like to watch the video segment, click here.

Coach Mike McCarthy’s brief interview from the N.F.L. Combine in Indianapolis (click here).

Linebacker A.J. Hawk on the N.F.L. Network, on the “state of the Packers” (click here).

Ted Thompson meets with the press at the N.F.L. Combine (click here).

Lastly, it only took 19 days after the Super Bowl XLV victory, but the invoice for our 2011 season tickets arrived in the mail today. The account is already paid up with the money for playoff tickets that went unused (no home playoff games in 2010), so we’re all set. Above is the letter from Packers’ president Mark Murphy to the season ticket holders. We thought maybe those of you on the waiting list (83,000+ strong) might like to see what the team has to say to its loyal followers.


Anonymous said...

I would definitely find a place for Herb Adderley on the top ten list. I'm not saying who he would replace, though. They're all good choices, so picking one over another is choosing between great and even greater.

mforester said...

Picture labeled Forrest Greg is not Gregg but Henry Jordan.

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