Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lost in Sideline Thought

In this undated photo, Green Bay Packers’ head coach and general manager Vince Lombardi is crouched on the City Stadium/Lambeau Field sideline, deep in thought about his team on the field. Behind him, in the dark suit, is longtime Packers’ team photographer Vernon Biever, who just died this past year. Almost all of the famous Lombardi Era photos you’re familiar with were taken by him. This day, he was captured in a photo instead of tripping the shutter.

On a housekeeping note, the season is over and the minds of many/most drift away from pro football, other than keeping an eye on the labor negotiations. From our Google statistics, we can see that the Packerville viewership is way down since the season ended. Our options are three: to continue with daily blogs; to post a couple times a week so that if people visit once a week, there will be something new here; or to take a vacation from the blog. The latter would allow for the re-charging of our football batteries and perhaps extend the life of the blog, staving off “blog burnout.” We took an extended off-season break after the January 2008 loss in the N.F.C. Championship game, and it seemed to help. You can let us know what you think in this week’s poll at right. Thanks.

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jon spencer said...

I have you on a RSS feed so when you post I read.
Take your time, I would rather have one good post once or twice a week than a rushed one daily.
Combine is coming up, so there will be stuff to report.