Friday, February 18, 2011

Commemorating XLV — Part II

Today we have Part II of our series of publications on the Packers’ victory in Super Bowl XLV. We’re not sure how many of these are available nationally, but here in the upper Midwest, there have been quite a few on the newsstands. Above and below are the front and back covers of the Collector’s Edition Sports Super Bowl issue.

Pro Football Weekly’s issue focused on the Lombardi Trophy coming home to Green Bay.

This “Historic Collector’s Edition” focuses entirely on Aaron Rodgers’ career up to this point (front and back, above and below).

Rylin Media came out with this “4-Pack” issue which refers to the Packers’ fourth Super Bowl-era championship (front and back, above and below).

We’re always glad to see other ’Villes celebrating Green Bay championships.


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