Thursday, February 17, 2011

The ’35 Team

From yesterday’s Aaron Rodgers post, we now go back to December 8, 1935, where we see a team portrait of the Packers on the day they would play the final game of the season. On that day, they were in Philadelphia to play the Eagles in front of 4,000 fans. They defeated Philly by a score of 13-6 to wrap up second place in the Western Division with an 8-4-0 record.

N.F.L. teams played 12 games in the 1935 season. In the Eastern Division, the key game took place on Thanksgiving Day at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, as the 5-4 Dodgers hosted the 6-3 Giants. A Brooklyn win would have tied the teams at 6-4, but New York won, 21-0, eventually finishing at 9-3. The same Thanksgiving Day saw the Lions and Cardinals both win, giving them records of 6-3-2 and 6-3-1 respectively, and ties didn't count. Three days later on December 1st, the Lions beat Brooklyn 28-0; the Cardinals were losing to the Bears before tying them 7-7, but Detroit finished its season at 7-3-2 while the Cards were at 6-3-2. The Chicago Cardinals needed a win in order to have a chance for a playoff, and faced the Bears again on December 8. This time, the Bears won 13-0, and the Lions were the division champs.

In the league championship, the Detroit Lions beat the N.Y. Giants 26-7 at the University of Detroit Stadium on December 15, 1935.


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