Saturday, January 15, 2011

1965 Title Game Program — Part II

Before the kickoff of tonight’s NFC Divisional Playoff game between the Packers and Falcons, we’re here to post the rest of our presentation of the 1965 title game program. This page has Packer player portraits, plus an ad featuring Browns’ QB Frank Ryan. Although he led the Browns to their last National Football League title in 1964, Ryan is best remembered for being perhaps the only Ph.D. in mathematics to play in the league, completing a doctorate at Rice University (1965) with the dissertation A Characterization of the Set of Asymptotic Values of a Function Holomorphic in the Unit Disc. He played with Cleveland through the 1968 season.

Game action from the previous week’s Western Conference Playoff game. The Packers beat the Baltimore Colts on a overtime field goal by Don Chandler to come out on top, 13-10. Chandler’s field goal to tie the game is still disputed today, and resulted in the goal post uprights being extended vertically for the 1966 season.

Meet your Green Bay Packers Board of Directors, 1965 version.

The Cleveland Browns’ 1965 complete roster.

Starting lineups for both teams, from the game program’s center spread.

We liked this Coca-Cola ad with all of the team logos on the insides of the bottle caps. Bottle caps... remember them?

Some of the stars of the ’65 Cleveland Browns.

Your 1965 Green Bay Packers complete roster.

Your 1965 Green Bay Packers coaching assistants.

Your 1965 Green Bay Packers team photo.

More stars of the ’65 Cleveland Browns.

Along with more Packer portraits, we see an ad for the Hotel Northland. This building is still there, now used as lower income housing. About 150 seniors and disabled people live in the Port Plaza Towers (the Northland’s newer name), but not for much longer. City leaders plan to restore it to the historic hotel it once was. “Some people will say we have a lot of hotel rooms. Sure but do we have the right hotel rooms? There's a call from conventioneers, people and they're going to support this renovated first class hotel,” said Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt.

The Hotel Northland opened in 1924. For more than 50 years it hosted elegant parties, banquets and visiting N.F.L. teams. Schmitt believes it can once again be not only a place to stay, but a social center for the downtown. In the olden days, Green Bay fans would keep visiting teams up half the night by driving around the block and honking their horns. Anything to help the home team!

Packer portraits.

Packer portraits.

Packer portraits.

Some Packers administrative information.

Your Packers Executive Committee for 1965.

And we finish up this subject matter with some final portraits of your 1965 Packer stars. Good luck to our 2010 team as they take on the Atlanta Falcons in tonight’s playoff game!