Thursday, March 18, 2010

Locker Room Beefcake

Today’s photo is for the lady readers of the blog (if there are any), and it features Lombardi Era-greats (left to right) Jim Taylor, Max McGee, Paul Hornung, and Ron Kramer. Well, I guess the ladies that would be most interested are those that were single in the early Sixties, and more specifically, 1961 when this photo was taken after what was almost certainly a win. A couple of these guys are legendary for their off-field activities in that era, while the other two were more settled family men at the time. What we do notice is that the players of today are much more beefy and bulky in their appearance, and these fellows probably wouldn’t be in the NFL today at their 1961 sizes. But that in NO way diminishes anything they accomplished in what was just a different era altogether. It’s interesting how things change.


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