Sunday, December 13, 2009

Packers at Chicago — 1962

In celebration of the Packers’ victory in Chicago today, we present a few photos from another Green Bay-Chicago game 47 years ago in 1962. On that November 4th afternoon, Vince Lombardi’s men were also victorious 38-7 in Wrigley Field with 48,763 football fans watching. Above, QB Bart Starr (#15) goes back to pass as RB Tom Moore (#25) stays back to protect him, and FB Jim Taylor (#31) swings out to the left.

On this play, Moore takes the hand-off and heads through the line.

Starr has again handed the ball off, but the unidentified ballcarrier (probably Taylor) doesn’t look to have much room.

Going the other way, Starr barks out the signals for another offensive play.

The Packers’ defense or special teams have stopped the Bears from any further gain.


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