Monday, February 11, 2008

Braving the Elements in the First Quarter

With the Cowboys having to punt following a three-and-out series near the end of the First Quarter, we stop for some images of the conditions at Lambeau with three quarters still left to play. Here we see Dallas players on their sideline (above) hovering near the gas heaters that were brought in that morning to try and provide some warmth for the players near the bench.

Here we have another view of the ramshackle, hastily-built "dugout"-type shelters erected on both sidelines. The Cowboy players shown here are along the Eastern sideline.

Here is the view you would’ve had as a player sitting inside one of the shelters that day in 1967.

Having been in the sub-zero NFC Championship game weather a few weeks ago, we can sympathize with these fans who, unfortunately, didn't have the modern-day winter wear that we have.

We wonder if this fellow is still around, telling his great-grandchildren thrilling tales of the “Ice Bowl.”