Saturday, February 09, 2008

Back to the Ice Bowl Blog

Getting back to the Blog (a couple of days lost to photos that wouldn't upload for some reason), we see first some of the freezing crowd (above) behind the Dallas bench along the East side of Lambeau Field as we move along through the First Quarter.

Here we see Cowboys’ coach Tom Landry talking to his defensive players on the bench while his offense is on the field. We have a good view again of the “open” North end of Lambeau at that time.

This fellow’s custom-painted hard hat has been enshrined in the Packers’ Hall of Fame in the past. We’re not sure until the next time we visit the Hall about whether it is still on display.

Dallas running back Don Perkins (#43) is stopped for no gain to end the Dallas drive by Lionel Aldridge (#82), Ron Kostelnik (#77), and a player that is unidentified. The Cowboys will have to punt.


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