Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Early First Quarter at the Ice Bowl

Today we see Dallas Coach Tom Landry (above) on the sidelines without his trademark sport jacket and fedora. He is bundled up with a hooded sweatshirt under his coat in an attempt to stay warm. In his 1990 autobiography, Landry remembered that day: “The night before the game, the Cowboys stayed at a hotel (Holiday Inn) in nearby Appleton, Wisconsin. But I didn’t get much sleep. Rabid Green Bay fans kept phoning our rooms until the wee hours of the morning, despite our continued instructions to the motel switchboard not to put through any outside calls… (my wife) took the wake-up call from the operator the next morning. She was the one who first heard those chilling, cheerful words, “Good morning. It’s eight a.m. and the temperature is now sixteen degrees below zero.” We’ll hear more from Landry about the Ice Bowl a little later on in the series.

Here we see the Packers defense lined up against the Cowboys’ offensive unit, led by quarterback Don Meredith (#17).

After the Cowboys go “three and out,” the Packers’ Willie Wood (#24) fields the punt and is instantly smothered by the Dallas kick coverage unit.

Here we see the Green Bay starting offensive unit for the 1967 championship game.

That offensive group is shown here lined up against the Cowboys for their first series on that frozen field.


Fred Goodwin said...

Great history lesson -- any reason you don't identify the Packers offensive line?

Fred Goodwin said...

Woops -- not sure what went wrong, but the pic of the OL wasn't there when I posted my question; sorry about that.