Monday, October 15, 2007

The Man Behind the “G” Logo

For today’s blog entry, we have a photo of long time Packers’ equipment man “Dad” Braisher, shown here working on players’ helmets during training camp in 1968. Braisher was the one who designed the now infamous “G” logo that appeared on the team’s helmets for the first time in 1961.

Source: Green Bay Press-Gazette archives


Anonymous said...

Why The Changes to the Great 'G' Logo Designed by Dad Braisher?

I believe this change goes back to about 1971...and it totally altered the magnificent logo Braisher gave us -- the logo that graced every one of our championship team helmets of the 1960s.

The best way to illustrate the difference is to show it. Here's Braisher's original logo, depicted in this photo of Bart Starr:

Notice, for starters, that the background is not an ellipse, but slightly pear-shaped, with the narrower end being near the front side of the helmet. Second, notice how the left side of the 'G is thickened and elongated to the left, filling in the background except for a very thin outline. Now, compare that logo to the current one, shown here in this photo of Aaron Rodgers:

Notice how the background has become a symmetrical ellipse, and how the left side of the 'G has been rounded off, making it look rather generic. Notice too how the 'G no longer hugs the border of the background, reducing its visual effect.

Of course there have been other changes over the years -- adding striping on the collar, taking away the stripes on the socks, etc., but none seems as unnecessary as the change in the helmet logo. Shouldn't we keep the same 'G' as was worn by Bart Starr, Paul Hornung, Jim Taylor, Carroll Dale, Boyd Dowler, Ray Nitschke, Jerry Kramer and Herb Adderley? The 'G' that was good enough for Lombardi? The 'G' that was dynamic, beautiful, and the class of the NFL?

I miss that logo, and would love to hear comments. Thanks

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