Friday, September 07, 2007

The Focus of Packerville

As we await the dawning of the 2007 NFL season, we at Packerville have taken a couple of days this week to re-think and re-energize the main focus of our “Blog.” We realize that there are literally hundreds of places on the internet to get the latest news, commentary, opinion, and sometimes useless blather regarding the Green Bay Packers.

We have decided that our focus should be directed towards the historical trivia of the Packers’ past, showing things that many or most Packer fans may never see. We have a rather extensive collection of printed Packers’ material — yearbooks, media guides, game programs, magazines, photos, books, etc., and we will be digging backwards in Green Bay history most of the time to entertain those who have interest in such things.

The image today shows two of our Packerville staff members in the electronic archival section of our headquarters. Their job is to scan, organize, and archive many of the things we’ll be sharing with you in the coming months and, hopefully, years.

We hope you’ll be interested and sometimes intrigued by the things we’ll share.


Tom said...

Fun with PhotoShop! Excellent. I was fooled for a few seconds, so I had to enlarge it.

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